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Johnnie Walker

SmirnoffFollowing last yearís success, Johnnie Walker has retained its title as the most powerful spirits and wines brand. The blended scotch has stormed ahead once again, recording a staggering 10% net sales growth and a 7% volume movement, crowning Diageo as the champion of the megabrands for the second year running. The super-premium brand has forged an enviable reputation the world over and by continually developing the brand and introducing new and special edition variants, including the 2014 Spice, Gold and Royal Route Editions. Johnnie Walker continues its reign and with an 8% total score difference between its closest competitor, Smirnoff, it will take something special to knock it off the top spot.

Smirnoff Vodka

SmirnoffDiageo does the double and takes the number two spot with premium vodka, Smirnoff. It is testament to the brand's strength and Diageoís careful management that it has held on to this position, as it is under significant pressure in the US vodka market from the likes of Absolut and Stolichnaya. Whilst other brands have reduced their price to maintain volumes, Smirnoff has successfully increased net sales by 3%. Innovations through flavoured varieties have allowed Smirnoff to stay at the top of its sector; however Diageo will need to continue to develop new markets to maintain such growth and presence in the market.


BacardiBacardi have battled the odds in a somewhat diminishing white rum market to claim third place. Volumes growth, a majority share of the market and a rich brand heritage have allowed family-run Bacardi to set the standard for white rum and continue to stay at the forefront of the consumers mind.

Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel'sItís been an extremely successful year for Brown-Formanís Tennessee whiskey, Jack Danielís. The brand has gone from strength to strength, moving up two places in the ranks and a benefitting from a 9% increase in brand score. Eastern markets have been a key driver of sales, with the middle class Chinese youth adopting the brand as their favoured premium whiskey. Hot on the tail of Bacardi, Jack Danielís looks to boost consumer support and continue its run of success.


HennessyLVMHís only appearance in the top 10, has come from Hennessy. The cognac has benefitted from volumes growth and the panel were impressed by its heritage and brand perception. Its popularity in the Chinese and US markets has held the brand steady, combating the stagnation of its key Japanese market over recent years. Although the reduction of gift-giving in China, may well have an impact on the brand, as time goes by.

Martini Vermouth

Martini VermouthDespite sinking 2 places, Martini Vermouth has deservedly maintained a spot in the top 10. The Italian aperitif is yet to make its mark in North East Asian markets, however with an increase in sales and a 2% brand score increase, Martini Vermouth still has a lot of potential. It notably outranks its competitors and the panel recognise its majority share of the market, making it worthy of a place in the top 10.


ABSOLUTAbsolut have clung on to 7th place despite a 6% dip in brand score. The vodka market has become increasingly competitive and Absolut have struggled to maintain volumes. The decision to discount the brand in the US market has allowed them to enjoy additional volume sales, reporting a note-worthy 11.6 million 9-liter cases; however this strategy has been to the detriment of the brand score with the panel marking Absolut down on their premium price position and their potential for market growth.

Captain Morgan

Chivas RegalDiageoís third appearance in the top 10 comes from Captain Morganís rum. The brand has successfully held its position at number 8, reporting an impressive 5% volume growth and becoming part of the select few megabrands to exceed sales of 10 million nine-litre cases. The extraordinary 7% net sales movement is a consequence of the brands expansion and development in new markets including Australia and France, as well as its strong brand awareness and perception.

Chivas Regal

Chivas RegalChivas Regalís volumes and heritage are to thank for its presence in the top 10. The scotch has suffered greatly by the decline of sales in China due to a reduction in gift-giving, which has also been recognised by the panel. Despite the 8% drop in brand score, Chivas Regal sold an impressive 4.9 million nine-litre cases and diversified by producing an exclusive blend specifically for duty free trade. As the Chinese market wanes it will be interesting to see how Pernod Ricard respond and work to penetrate smaller markets.


Ballantine'sClinging on, much like Chivas Regal, Ballantineís have taken a knock from a more depressed European market in recent times. However this decline has been compensated by growth in Korea and Japan with its higher-end variants, specifically the 17 and 21 year old. Sales of 5.9 million nine-litre cases were enough to maintain their position in the top 10 and the panelís unchanged brand score showed confidence in the brands revival. However with the trend in craft bourbon rising, Jim Beam is poised at number 11 to knock Ballantineís from its post.


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