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The Power 100

The Power 100 is an annual research study monitoring the power of the world’s leading spirits and wine brands. Now in its tenth year, The Power 100 has become an industry benchmark of performance, recognising brands which have performed well and identifying those which haven’t. The unique brand ratings highlight each brand’s strengths and weaknesses - providing exclusive insight into what drives the world’s most powerful spirits and wine brands.

Attaining Power Brand status is an impressive achievement. There are over 10,000 spirits and wine brands in the world and many of the leading brands are over 100 years old. Every brand featured in The Power 100 has earned its status as a Power Brand, entitling them to use the official award logo, contact us for details.

About Intangible Business

The Power 100 is produced by Intangible Business, the world’s leading independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy. Intangible Business specialises in valuing intangible assets, such as brands, for financial, management and litigation purposes.

In the beverages industry Intangible Business provides advisory, due diligence, valuation and transfer pricing advice for all forms of assets and liabilities. Intangible Business is the leader in brand valuation for the spirits and wine sector, having worked on an extensive list of deals for both listed and private companies. If you would like advice on how to understand and leverage the value of your brand and business, please contact us on 020 7089 9236 or visit our website: